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About Marc -

Based in Boise, Idaho (northwestern USA) for many years, Marc Auth has focused on a major objective:


Record the myriad cultures of our planet - its people and places, and the relationship between them...


Simply put, AUTH Photo provides what publishers seek:


At work is total commitment, years of experience behind the lens and a passion for excellence - producing on assignment and for stock usage - portraying people, environment, culture and life in ways that engage the eye, support the text and


In a word, our stock photo library is eclectic, widely ranging from conceptual abstracts to natural phenomena to events in exotic locales. Whether an authentic record, iconic metaphor, or Photo-shopped fantasy, we strive to produce an image that evokes



Whatever your needs, please consider the value of our service to provide fresh, high-impact images for your coming projects.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss possibilities of work on commission, or simply inquire about the stock library, please let us know. 


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