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Note to Reviewer

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Note to Reviewer -


I hope you enjoy viewing our Stock Image Catalog Volume 1, No. 1. While this volume puts special emphasis on Western Americana, the next catalog will focus on international work including an extensive section covering UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 


Simply put, I provide what many publishers seek - HIGH-IMPACT IMAGES.


At work is total commitment, years of experience and a passion for excellence, producing on assignment and for stock usage. I strive to portray people, environment, culture and life in ways that engage the eye, support the text - and DRIVE HOME THE POINT!


In a word, our stock photo library is eclectic, widely ranging from conceptual abstracts to natural phenomena to events in exotic locales. Whether an authentic record, iconic metaphor, or Photo-shopped fantasy, I strive to produce an image that evokes the viewer's VISCERAL RESPONSE.


Whatever your needs, please consider the value of our service to provide fresh, high-impact images for your coming projects


If you have any questions or would like to discuss possibilities for assignment work, or simply inquire about my stock library, please let me know.


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File Specifications -


Most original material is 35mm transparency film, ISO 100, made with Nikon professional equipment. All scans to date are with a Nikon Coolscan, and have been corrected, down-sampled and saved as un-sharpened, 26.4mb (approx. 8x12in. x 310ppi), RGB, .TIF (Adobe 1998 color space).


The Vol.1 No.1 Catalog is representative of our in-house scans. Please advise if this meets your needs, or if you are in need of original film.


Digital images produced in camera are with a Nikon D200 and/or Fujifilm S2 Pro DSLR with highest quality glass. Most images are saved also "as-corrected" for composition, color and tone.


Marc Auth. All rights reserved. No reproduction of this material is allowed without express written permission of Marc Auth. All digitally-manipulated images are from Marc Auth's original work, are derivatives thereof, and are Marc Auth


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