Yes, I'm a photographer; but my business is licensing specific rights to use my images.

When you "purchase" a print or poster, for example, you're acquiring more than a piece of paper. You're actually purchasing the right - which I grant in the form of a license - to display the image.

I can grant you license to:

  • Display an image for your personal use and enjoyment - like a poster or print

  • Put an image on your website for your own promotional use

  • Use an image in a public presentation

  • Print an image in a periodical for advertising or editorial usage

  • Do almost anything with an image

Under no circumstances can the image be used for any other purpose than as licensed.

Price an Image

Other Services


PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT (including license for "personal display only"):

  • 7.5"x11" through 8"x12
  • 11" x 14" through 12" x 18"
  • 13" x 19" through 16" x 24"
  • 20" x 30"
  • Larger than 20" x 30"

$USD    45.00
$USD    95.00
$USD  125.00
$USD  195.00

(add $5.95 p/s/h - U.S. only)


  • Please specify intended use e.g.,. Name of publication;
  • Publication type (e.g., textbook, magazine, newsletter, etc.);
  • Placement type (e.g., advertising, editorial, in-house, etc.);
  • Time-duration of use (e.g., one month, one year, recurring, etc.);
  • Print run (or circulation);
  • Placement (e.g., cover, inside, etc.);
  • Size (e.g., web thumbnail, 1/4 page, double-truck, etc.);
  • Foreign editions;
  • Reprints;
  • Any specific protections you would prefer (e.g. industry or market-segment exclusivity)

Note - Re-usage rights are usually discounted.

email for estimate

If you prefer, Paypal will accept credit cards. (Note: I will only deliver to a PayPal-verified address).

Account is

Or, alternatively, please remit payment - check, money order or cashier's check, NO CASH, to:

Marc Auth
P.O. Box 6113
Boise, Idaho 83707

Other Services

Base Fee - Per individual selected image; includes transferring and converting file to a TIFF or JPEG format, including adjustments of levels and curves; spotting; sizing; and captioning; ready for pre-press


SCANS include color adjustment and contrast at time of scan as well as spotting and cleaning of scan artifacts. Output in RGB color space (Adobe 1998 unless otherwise requested.)


  • Output to 30 MB RGB TIFF
  • Output to 50 MB RGB TIFF
  • Output to larger than 50 MB





Other Imaging Services

  • Non-creative imaging production eg. color correction, color balance, file-format conversion, conversions in any RGB color space, retouching, etc... (Per hour, 15 min. increments)


  • Creative image production eg. combining multiple images, creating new elements, etc...that would result in a new image (Per hour, 15 min. increments)


  • Web Gallery for review. From digital capture or available scans only.


  • Transfer with contact proof - to a high quality CD-ROM including testing, proofing . (duplicates at order time: $25.00 each)


  • Transfer  without a contact proof - to a high quality CD-ROM including testing and proofing (duplicates at order time: $15.00 each)


  • Email Xmittal (per image). Maximum file size: 1MB


  • FTP delivery (per image and per 10 MB)


  • FEDEX within Continental US (CD-ROM)


Prices subject to change without notice